Privicy Policy

Privacy Policy

Overview of the Privacy Policy

We are dedicated to protecting your online privacy, and we understand that the personally identifiable information (or “Personal Information”) you provide to us needs to be appropriately protected and managed in accordance with the relevant data protection laws and regulations. The websites that are linked through are not covered by the privacy policy.


Users Under 13 Years Old Privacy

The company does not aim to retain user information for those who are under the required age because the website is not intended to attract visitors under the age of 13. As soon as we come across any such information, we will erase the information.


Policy on Cookies and IP Tracking

In addition to the content, the website also keeps track of data such as IP addresses and cookies that reveal personal identity information. It now falls under the category of non-personally identifiable data, along with search history, questions asked, educational preferences, date and time, domain, and advertisement response, all of which are collected to improve the user experience for visitors.


Information that the website collects

  • You must register or sign up for an account on in order to use many of our services. To create an account, personal data including name, email address, and phone number are gathered. We may gather information about your location, date of birth, and educational history in order to provide you with more services.
  • We gather information about your communication as well as any other extra information you choose to offer when you communicate with or use the platform to communicate with other Members (such as advertisers, colleges/institutes, etc.).
  • Additionally, the website gathers and saves information provided by users through contact forms. Since we make it possible for users to request information from educational institutions that are listed on the website, we share that information with the appropriate institutions in order to fulfill the user’s request. The privacy of this type of data is subject to the mutual consent of the institutions and the users.
  • Depending on the usage history, the personal information gathered through Edsun Solutions Contact Forms may be sent to educational service providers and utilized for trend analysis.
  • If you subscribe, alerts and newsletters may be delivered to you via SMS and/or email. Additionally, the subscriber may receive SMS and emails with information on the courses, institute, and university.
  • In order to improve our products and services, personal information may be used for market research and surveys.


  • There are rarely links on to websites that are not covered by this privacy statement. Visitors to Our Site might be forwarded to external websites for extra information, including blogs, vendors, social networks, ads, and content sponsors. Regarding the storage or use of your information on servers owned or operated by third parties, provides no guarantees or promises. To find out how each external website that is connected to Our Site uses your personal information, we advise you to read their privacy statements.
  • Based on your expression of interest in specific courses, specializations, and educational institutions, personal information (like name, mobile number, and email address) may be shared with carefully chosen education colleges and educational institutions so they can consider additional marketing campaigns or recruitment strategies. To check the status of your application or enrollment, some of these educational institutions may have access to your personal information. We will let the educational institutions know that they cannot use your personal information for anything besides what has already been stated. However, users should be aware that we cannot be held liable for how these educational institutions use the data once it has been provided to them. is not liable or responsible for the separate policy procedures used by educational institutions. Please refer to the relevant privacy policy of those organizations for further details on how they utilize your information.
  • com only keeps your personal information in a way that makes it possible for you to be identified for as long as it takes to fulfill the reasons for which it is being used, taking into account any applicable legal, regulatory, contractual, or statutory requirements. Your personal information will be archived after these times have passed in order to comply with contractual or legal retention requirements or with any applicable statutory limitation periods.
  • At any time, retains the right to alter, update, or change this policy. The policy shall take effect as of the date of the update, modification, or change.
  • To educate, support, and interact with its users, manages and runs channels, pages, and accounts on certain social media platforms. In order to improve its products and services, tracks and records any comments and postings made on these channels concerning the company. It is not permitted to submit excessive, inappropriate, offensive, or disparaging material about people, groups, or organizations based on their ethnicity, sex, or religion. Other than the information submitted on its behalf by its employees, disclaims all liability for any information posted on those sites. is only accountable for how it uses the personal information it receives from these websites.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of any information about the user’s account, information about online transactions using credit cards or debit cards, and information about those transactions’ verification procedures and specifics. is also not responsible for any error, misrepresentation, or unreliability with regard to any information so disclosed and used, whether or not as required by law. No credit or debit card information is saved by


Any additional personal information you provide about yourself that is not required or optionally requested by during registration points to a willing and intentional disclosure, and is not responsible for its misuse.


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